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Stabilisateur de cardan pour smartphone, cardan de téléphone 3 axes pour Android et iPhone  stabilisateur pour enregistrement vidéo avec suivi du visage/objet, rotation automatique à 600 ° – hohem iSteady Mobile Plus 

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1 Piles lithium-ion requises. (inclus)

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6 mai 2019


Hohem Technology Co.

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10 Commentaires Pour Ce Produit

  1. 10

    par Juan D Sanchez

    I use this every Saturday when I’m out to record every minute. The only con I see is the battery life it some time just dies out of no were

  2. 10

    par Dave O in VA

    My kid’s been playing volleyball for several years. I’ve served as the team videographer for the past few seasons. I normally use a tripod with a mounted GoPro. But this season I wanted to get different angles of the matches so I can put together recruiting videos for her and some of the players on the team. After some research I found this iSteady gimbal stabilizer that I figured I’d try and see how it works.The iSteady stabilizer was a bit tricky to figure out at first, but the app that it uses is great. I had an old iPhone 8 that I used on this to film from different angles that I was able to stitch into the game film. The gimbal stabilizer is very responsive. Video results turn out very smooth. It is very well made and holds the iPhone I used very well.Overall it’s a great product and worked great for what I’ve used it for so far. My daughter is in a film studies class and they are planning on making a short action film. She will be using the iSteady camera to film some of the action scenes. I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

  3. 10

    par Mario B

    honestly didn’t expect high quality but I was surprised. I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max and use it without a case. It’s awesome.

  4. 10

    par Kelly and Erik G

    Looking for a budget gimbal was not easy. But, based on reviews, I decided to purchase this one for my Samsung S20+. So far it has not let me down. To be honest, I also have a Hohem gibal for my GoPro so part of my decision was based on my experience with that as well.Pros: Battery Life Ease of use Dedicated button on gimbal control panel for taking photos and videos Handles the heavier Samsung phones with easeCons: Heavy (Due to robust battery, which I rather have the robust battery) Provided tripod mount is worthless, needs to be a wider stance tripod Needs to be rebalanced going from Landscape to PortraitI think the pros speak for themselves but the one Con could’ve resulted in a lost star. The tripod, just a shor 4″ tall stand, has legs that only go out to less than a 45 degree stance. With the gibal and the phone on it, it is top-heavy and unstable. A decent wind will probably cause it to fall. I ended up using the tripod stand from my Hohem GoPro gimbal which has twice the stance, the legs go out to about 75 to 80 degrees. That makes the entire assembly much more stable. So, my suggestion to the sellers is to repackage with the wider stance tripod stand.As far as the rebalancing issue is concerned, I am not completely sold on the fact that I have set the gimbal up correctly and I have yet to address this with the seller. Time is not on my side. But, be aware that you may have to do this.Overall, for the purposes I am using it for, I am quite satisfied. I could pay much more for a professional off-Amazon product but I would not get much more of a benefit from doing so, in my opinion!

  5. 10

    par Shahid

    Needed a gimbal quickly to record an event. I had some experience using gimbal with regular camera but not with iPhone.A quick review of the YouTube video for setup helped in quickly staring to use the gimbal.I can’t think of any drawback based on my use of the product so far.

  6. 10

    par Evan

    The media could not be loaded.

     This iPhone Gimbal, when compared with other models across Amazon, does much more than any of the “Sponsored” models and comes in cheaper, as well. I recently bought a new iPhone and wanted to take full advantage of the new and improved camera. This gimbal was just the right fit for my needs. After downloading and opening the accompanying app, the gimbal will automatically connect to your phone through bluetooth. The stabilization you get out of handheld footage is great, and totally workable for small projects – music videos, short films and skating videos come to mind as great uses for this item.With four different modes of stabilization, you can get pretty much any type of imitation tracking, panning or dolly shot you want. Each mode essentially “locks off” one or two of the three axes of rotation. After playing around with it a bit, I found the options to be very robust.On the handle, you have controls to help you zoom in and out, as well as a 4-direction controller that operates the rotation of the camera. The zoom in and out function only has one speed, so good luck if you want to get a steady zoom. But the rotation of the camera has a degree of sensitivity, so you can speed up or slow down your pan and tilt shot. I was also excited to see that the vertical and horizontal axes, while it can not do repeated 360 degree rotations, can do at least one full 360, which if you want some strange arty shots is a lot of fun to mess around with. There is also a trigger on the handle that when double-tapped will re-center the camera, and when held will keep the camera locked in a single direction for “sport shooting mode.”The camera app also has a lot of nifty features, including various shooting modes, including a trippy (if somewhat unnecessary) “strobe mode,” but this is complemented with more useful shooting modes, like Slow-Motion, Time-Lapse, and standard record modes. The default seems to be set to still camera mode, which to a film-maker is a little baffling, but it only takes two swipes on your phone to get there so is not a deal-breaker.Occasionally the gimbal will lose its way and get turned around a lot. More than once I found I needed to utilize the re-center feature to get back to center before all the axes got twisted up in the wrong direction/ Once my camera even started recording upside-down! While this was slightly disconcerting I would attribute it mostly to user error while getting to know the controls and understand the different stabilization modes.All in all, this is a great little gimbal for an amazing prices. There are plenty of steadicam and gimbal options for iPhones on Amazon, but this one provides an iPhone film-maker with an incredible, solid option for getting beautiful shots in motion.

  7. 10

    par Maurice

    I love how the product makes my videos stable and smooth now.

  8. 10

    par luis soto

    buen precio buen producto 👌

  9. 10

    par Dennis Kleist

    Great and easy to use stabilizer for any beginner or pro. Simple to navigate!! Great to make professional looking videos!!

  10. 10

    par J

    For the cost, you can not beat this product. I was so impressed by the size and weight of it. It feels so expensive! I’ve used products like this awhile back and they cost three times as much for basically the same thing. I wish the Bluetooth worked with my phone’s native camera (Pixel 6 Pro) instead of just the app, but the app is pretty good. The extra “moments” feature (like spinning shots etc) is a bit wonky in portrait mode, which sucks since a majority of media is vertical these days, but it’s great in landscape. I’m trying to figure a way around that issue. So far it’s held a charge very well. Im very glad I bought this gadget and can’t wait to get better at using it. (Practice makes perfect, it can’t read your mind) I still haven’t figured out how the object tracking thing works but since I’m a tattoo artist I’d really like to get that to work. If you’re on the fence about this, get it, it’s absolutely worth it.

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