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Le casque sans fil iJoy avec Bluetooth est rechargeable, avec une gamme de fréquences étendue et des basses profonde et précisez. Son design pliable vous permet de les transporter en toute simplicité et liberté lorsque vous utilisez vos écouteurs sans fil en déplacement.

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Informations sur le produit

Le casque Bluetooth sans fil a des oreillettes légères qui aident à isoler le son, et un arceau réglable pour assurer un ajustement confortable. Profitez d’un son ultime grâce à nos écouteurs Bluetooth à réduction de bruit, parfaits pour les adultes ou les enfants

Le casque sans fil avec Bluetooth comprend un micro intégré, parfait pour les appels mains libres. Les écouteurs sans fil sur l’oreille sont parfaits pour un casque de jeu, de studio ou pour courir

Notre casque sans fil comprend une commande intelligente à 5 boutons, qui vous permet de jouer / mettre en pause / arrêter la musique et les appels téléphoniques, sauter des pistes, contrôler le volume et utiliser notre égaliseur pour vous assurer un son clair personnalisé

En plus d’une qualité audio exceptionnelle, le casque sans fil comprend une radio FM intégrée, ainsi qu’une fente pour carte Micro SD permettant de stocker votre musique préférée ou un podcast à écouter en déplacement avec à nos écouteurs antibruit

Marque ‎IJoy
Couleur ‎Stealth
Type de casque ‎Supra-Auriculaire
Connexions ‎Sans fil Bluetooth
Caractéristiques spéciales ‎Pliable, Léger
Appareils compatibles ‎IOS / Android
Type de batterie ‎Lithium-ion

Informations complémentaires





Type de casque



‎Sans fil Bluetooth

Caractéristiques spéciales

‎Pliable, Léger

Appareils compatibles

‎IOS / Android

Type de batterie


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51,271 en High-Tech (Voir les 100 premiers en High-Tech)

2,246 en Casques et écouteurs

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10 Commentaires Pour Ce Produit

  1. 10

    par LonCapone

    OMG these headphones are the truth!!! I listen to music when I clean & the sound is CRISP, LOUD, & CLEAR…. when talking on the phone NO STATIC! They charged in like 15 minutes after taking them out the box and I’m able to clean my 4 bedroom house while listening to the 🎶… leaving my IPHONE X PLUGGED up in the bedroom… I’m definitely excited! I dusted my whole house, washed clothes, cleaned bathrooms all on the 15 minute charge! Now they are charging up. I’m ordering my husband, sons, & daughter some. The real review will come after my husband uses them because he uses headphones day in day out.. so I’ll keep you guys posted! But I love my purchase they are more than worth the price! I’m in love and they are so COMFORTABLE… I dislike anything in my ears, so THESE ARE PERFECT! As soon as my 17 year old heard the music in them he was like buy me some mom… this kid does music and has the beatz by Dre… so uhmmmm yeah the quality is excellent 😍💋💯

  2. 10

    par Anna Abigail

    I’ve had these since Jan 16, 2018, and wanted to wait a while to write about them. I update most of my reviews if my purchases continue working exceptionally well so I expect to be doing that with these even after a year. They are working just fabulously after four months still! My husband had a cheapie $5 bluetooth pair he bought to use when mowing the lawn, so I was able to compare the two and it’s obvious some thought went into the making of these — they’re plastic but they’re quite sturdy and feel well-made compared to his. Have had no trouble getting them to connect to my iPhone.I treated the charging cord very carefully because I saw some other reviewers had trouble with it coming apart, but sadly even with care, the end that went into the headphones just plain broke off and separated from the wire. I wrote in on here to complain to the company (not even realizing that duh, I could use any one of the micro-usb cords from other devices to charge it) and they were super apologetic and said they would get another one in the mail asap to me. I thought they meant just the cord…lo and behold another whole headphones set showed up! Bless them. That’s some customer service right there. I probably still won’t use the charging cords since I know they’re prone to weakness, but my hubby got free headphones out of the deal and doesn’t have to use his uber-cheap pair anymore, haha!Nobody is going to believe me but I actually have a pair of Beats Monster headphones and I like the iJoy better. They don’t squeeze my head or smash my ears so viciously, lol, and the sound is quite comparable, in my music tastes anyway.UPDATE 8/21/19 — still working great, have not noticed any issues or decrease in charge, which I consider a bit freakish for anything over a year! I AM CAREFUL WITH THEM. I don’t throw them in a tote bag or across the room or drop them down the stairs, so that probably explains part of why they and a lot of my other things last a long time. I don’t use them every single day now, maybe four times a week for a few hours when playing games or watching movies on my Kindle while I don’t want to listen to my hubby’s boring fishing shows on tv, but it’s still going strong. I have no idea where my original charging cord is, I just charge it with one of the multiple Kindle chargers I have sitting around. My hubs’ pair also still works and charges great, he mostly uses it when mowing the lawn while also listening to boring fishing podcasts. Weirdo.I’m probably the only one who noticed this but the blue light on it is BRIGHT AS HECK at night in a bedroom when you’re an insomniac trying not to wake your significant other while watching youtube. Like seriously the blue light is brighter than my entire phone screen on dim. I had to stick a little piece of electric tape over it and even then I still get a glow. But that’s what I get for being a night owl, I guess!Still highly recommend, no complaints.

  3. 10

    par ann

    The fit on these is perfect! They are also very soft. One thing that surprised me was that there is FM radio on the headset. There is a mode button that switches from Bluetooth to FM. Very pleasantly surprised by that and happy to be able to listen to the Twins games on the radio. They paired perfectly the first time and so far no issues with charging. These actually work better and feel better than the last pair I bought for $35. There is also a button to change the effect. For me it was a little pointless as it was hard to tell how many different effects you were switching through, the very bass one sounded pretty bad as well. I think I’m still on the mode it started on? either that or it sounds close enough that you can’t tell. The only negative about these is the the lady’s voice that says when the battery is low or that you are powering on/off is very loud compared to the volume of the music. It is quite startling really until you get used to it. Overall though, extremely good. I did not get them for free, paid $14.99, which was the regular listing price at the time.

  4. 10

    par AKB

    I actually was very surprised by these. These are my first wireless headphones. I paired them with my iPhone 8 Plus no issues. For the price you can’t ask for more. They are quite bass-y but in a good way. Clear sound. They are also really lightweight and feel comfortable on the ears, which is good because for some reason headphones can make my ears sore. But these are good!! I use these for Spotify mainly. When getting notifications on my phone, and also the sound from the keyboard clicks will sound (when phone is off vibrate). They are fairly noise-cancelling…when I have these on the conversations in the room are pretty muted. Don’t expect them to be great quality when touching/holding them. However overall they have a good look to them. Overall great for the price. Highly recommend. I am getting another pair for my dad.

  5. 10

    par Megan

    Good sound and price point. I usually buy a sony brand but these are nice to have as well. The sound is deeper and they are comfortable to wear for extended times. My son has a pair also he likes them says they are comfortable.

  6. 10

    par Jihan Canino

    I am so suprised by the sound quality and fit of these headphones. The price made me think they would just be decent but they are GREAT. I will update review when I see how long the battery life is

  7. 10

    par Colmac

    Really like the headphones, the sound is great and they are comfortable to wear. Bonus addition of micro SD slot too, allowing me to play my favourite playlists. Comfortable to wear, and really clear sound quality

  8. 10

    par paul turner

    Great thank you

  9. 10

    par Alessio Turolla

    Cuffie comode, la qualità audio la definirei buona, come buono è l’isolamento dai rumori esterni, le uso sia con TV, Tablet e smartphone.Sono soddisfatto dell’acquisto.

  10. 10

    par Lizette M

    Ya tenía unos audifonos Ijoy logo que compré en una tienda física y me gustaba su sonido y el chance de poder usarlos como audífonos normales por la entrada auxiliar cuando se acaba la batería. Como ya tienen algunos años la duración de la batería ha ido menguando y decidí comprar unos de la misma marca y hasta el momento no me han decepcionado.PROS: su textura es muy suave y el acabado mate le da un toque elegante. Su sonido es decente y la conformación de los botones es cómoda. La sincronización con bluetooth es rápida sin fallas con los aparatos que utilizo. La opción de ser adaptables a un cable auxiliar se agradece y el sonido en este formato sigue siendo muy bueno. No me han causado ningún tipo de molestia en las orejas ya que no son pesados y tampoco se caen. El modelo anterior tenía una voz femenina que avisaba sus funciones que en un volumen muy alto, esto era especialmente molesto sobre todo a la hora de informarte que la batería se estaba acabando. Ahora suenan unos pequeños bips que permiten continuar con la experiencia sin causar el sobresalto molesto de antes. La relación calidad y precio son óptimasCONTRAS: No cancelan el ruido al 100 por si mismos, aunque el volumen es decente y puede ayudar. En el modelo anterior el cable auxiliar incluido (siempre es color rojo, independientemente del color del modelo) dejó de funcionar muy rápido, aunque éste aún funciona no le tengo grandes esperanzas a la larga. Dicho cable tiene una composición muy delgada, por lo que no le quedaría cualquier cable (por la estructura y acabado del mismo, su entrada si es estándar) y encontrar reemplazo es difícil (no imposible). A su textura suave a veces se le marcan los dedos y eso le quita presentación, hay que estarlos limpiando seguido. El ecualizador no brilla por su aporte, de 5 o 6 sólo distingo 2 o 3.En general la considero una buena compra, el sonido también depende del aparato o la aplicación que se está utilizando, así como las ecualizaciones; aunque he llegado a tener agradables sorpresas con algunas canciones que antes no había detectado con otros audífonos. La batería dura bastante, aunque puede deberse a que son nuevos. Como extra comento que he tenido un detalle con un smartphone, en el que el cambio de volumen 2, muy silencioso, al 3, exageradamente alto,me hizo pensar en una falla, pero sólo ocurre con dicho dispositivo y ningún otro. En llamada, radio y micrófono no los he utilizado.Definitivamente compraría otro de la misma marca y de ser posible, el mismo modelo

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