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Invisible Soutien Gorge, Soutien-Gorge Push-up sans Bretelles.

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Réutilisables Invisible Silicone Bra Seamless, pour Les Robes de Soirée, Robes de Bal, Robes de Mariée.

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Noir, Beige

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9 Commentaires Pour Ce Produit

  1. 09

    par Linda N.

    I have purchased 3 of these for my grandsons. They are all college students that travel, attend sporting events and college activities. The belts a wonderful, a little cash is tucked away in case of an emergency and will never fall out of their pockets. Gives me a peace of mind. A Super Gift!

  2. 09

    par Botterhumpie

    Very discreet way to carry cash. Carried $4k right through TSA without removing belt.

  3. 09

    par Meggie

    Ich hatte schon einige Klebe BH‘s bei denen ich allerdings immer Angst haben musste sie unterwegs zu verlieren, da sie nicht fest genug gehalten haben und ich darunter so sehr geschwitzt habe, dass die minimale Klebekraft auch dahin war. Von diesem bin ich aber begeistert! Passt, hält stundenlang ohne Probleme und man schwitzt darunter kaum. Man kann die übliche Größe bestellen, die man trägt, zum pushen eine Größe größer nehmen. Die Bänder vorne kann man verstellen.

  4. 09

    par Foxcritter

    Got it and wore it today. Very nice fitting belt, and the zipper pocket can hold a lot of stuff. Yeah it is going to work perfect for travel because no part is made of metal so you can go through the Metal detector without it going off as long as you don’t put coins in the belt. Well worth the cost, and I am happy. By the way I personally bought this belt with my own money and nobody gave it to me to write this review. Good product. Period….. Gave it 5 stars.

  5. 09

    par Mela

    I purchased a similar belt for myself years ago which I liked & wear on a regular basis. So I bought this for my boyfriend for an upcoming trip. He has not wore it yet, but all looks good, buckle works fine and the belt even came with an extra buckle which is great. The belt itself is very strong material so I suppose if anything malfunctioned in the future it would be the buckle, since he is very hard on his clothes.

  6. 09

    par PickyGuy

    I use it every day. It is comfortable. I wish there was a size between the two choices, but that is a small issue. Great for travel.

  7. 09

    par MikeTheBike

    Use these on my motorcycle pants so I always have gas money if I forget my wallet…which I do with astounding frequency… Sturdy, well made. Have gotten them as gifts for my riding buddies.

  8. 09

    par Amazon Customer

    This belt was great at hiding money on my trip abroad. It wasn’t however, able to hide my feelings of shame when I woke up hungover in barcelona with excrement in my pants.

  9. 09

    par doppelganger

    Tactical belts don’t give room quickly, you have to take them off and readjust. A money belt though, can be adjusted immediately looser to sit on the couch, or tighter walk into an establishment.While trying two different brands recently, it came down to one thing, how many pounds of pressure before failure. With the Jasgood, its around 35-40 pounds (pretty good). I recently got a Zero Grid travel money belt and the results were disappointing, at about 20-25 pounds of pressure – failure. The Jasgood gives extra room too, for the buckle, it could travel about 2 inches and not fail, the Zero Grid gives no room, so if there’s any travel in the buckle youre looking at a failure. Basically the last thing one wants when counting on it to hold a firearm in place.It does also go through TSA no sweat. A little pricey but great belt

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